Illustrations: On the Wheatfield with Katie Daisy

Katie Daisy is a wandering artist whose home is the prairie. She is originally from a small farm in Illinois and currently lives in a cloud-hidden country home, nestled somewhere between the Smoky Mountains and pure bliss.

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Katie is greatly inspired by rural life and makes her way by enjoying simple country pleasures such as a sweet goldfinch song, swimming in lakes, canoe trips that creep into the night, hiking in the woods, napping in a sea of prairie grass and sipping chamomile tea with honey.

After a rigorous and fun bout of schooling at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Ms. Daisy now follows her bliss as a full time artist, working mainly with traditional media. At only 23 years, Katie has worked for numerous clients such as Target, HGTV, and American Greetings. Katie’s work has also been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Chronicle Books, HOW Magazine, CMYK Magazine, Pregnancy and Newborn, and Stampington’s Artful Blogging Magazine.

Pictures via Katie’s online shop, beautifully written text via Ms. Daisy’s website.

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