Original Songs by Lauren O’Connell and My Terrible Friend

I am pretty sure that some kind of illness is trying to sneak up on me at this very moment. I also believe that I have a good chance to survive it. It certainly makes my day more exciting that it would be (not that I’m complaining). This morning I had to make a short distance run to the kitchen table. I was desperately trying to get rid of a hot and very full cup of coffee before a huge sneeze took over my body. It was pretty close but I made it. The World is full of beautiful things, my friends. Just like Lauren O’Connell.

I have been working on several blog posts in the last couple of days but I still cannot get a hold of them. And this is completely Lauren’s fault, because she makes me listen to her songs and watch her videos all day long. Shame on you, Lauren.


Lauren O’Connell – From Chambers, Slow

Would you trust your life… to traffic lights… and strangers’ hands… near every night?

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So who is Lauren O’Connell? She is a 22-year-old singer songwriter, who started uploading her original songs to YouTube around 3 years ago. Now (with the support of her fans) she is about to hunt down a good producer to make a real studio album instead of recording in basements, dorm rooms or lately in her bedroom studio. Isn’t it exciting? Lauren also has a band called My Terrible Friend with Nataly Dawn. They’re pretty damn good.

Since I have a phobia about having too many tabs open in my browser, I collected my favorite songs of Lauren’s and put them right here without any particular order. Smart move, eh? And now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to be very proud of myself. Good for me. You don’t have to tell me, I know I am ridiculous. Bye!



Lauren O’Connell – Maybe True Stories

And that every soul can always fit thought Heaven’s door… with the weight of things it never told anyone before.

Lauren O’Connell – Levers and Gears

Sometimes I send letters… from my fireplace… Yeah, I set them aglow… Watch them burn into space.

Lauren O’Connell – Tangled Up Kites

Sometimes I think I’m losing sight… of whatever it was that made everything right… But I lack violins… to make sorrows of sins… So I guess that it must be alright

Lauren O’Connell – It Wasn’t You

I should say, get your head out of fiction… Those people you love cannot love you back… Are you too proud for wishing… for anything more substantial than that?… You’re allowed to say yes.

Lauren O’Connell – White Noise

Those syllables will sound against my skull… to echo and overlap until they’re dull… to blend in with the hum inside the walls… And I’m inviting you to be white noise.

My Terrible Friend – The Daylight Here

I’m sure the air is lighter on the seas… in every city settled far away from me… Now I’m negotiating with the fear… that something’s wrong with the daylight here.

My Terrible Friend- When I Decide

And you should know that my intentions are always true… And my heart’s got a tricky valve that beats for nobody but you…
And when I decide to kill you… I’ll do it with my hands… and fine gloves worth the death of a gentleman… My words may seem mighty hollow… but don’t doubt that I can… ‘cos I’ve got long fingers for a woman.

O’ Death is a traditional folk song I have been obsessed with ever since I heard it in Supernatural. Lauren’s version is magical.

Photos and Videos are from Lauren’s YouTube and MySpace.


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