Where Art is Least Expected: Beautiful Lattes

Maybe there’s something wrong with me because I can see art everywhere! Even in places other people wouldn’t think to look. Like coffee cups… Don’t believe me? Here you go!

But what is art anyways? What do we call art? Is it a thing which can or should be addressed, categorized or explained? You may give it a try but I don’t think it’s possible.

Pretty Flower by The Cuban Spy
Photo by The Cuban Spy.

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Bear by Dave Harvey
Photo by Dave Harvey.

Panda by Carl Tonsgard
Photo by Carl Tonsgard.

Cute Bear by Robson Barista
Photo by Robson Barista.

Funny Cat By No Sweet Today
Photo by No Sweet Today.

Whimsical Cat by Nekousa
Photo by Nekousa.

Sweet Rabbit by K-Ko
Photo by K-Ko.

Eye by Studio 6
Photo by Studio 6.

Portrait by Studio 6
Photo by Studio 6.

Global by Studio 6
Photo by Studio 6.

Leaf by Fixx Coffee
Photo by Fixx Coffee.

Rosetta by Ginosko Design
Photo by Ginosko Design.

Heart by Baristahands
Photo by Baristahands.

Hearty Leaf by Hardison
Photo by Hardison.

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