Charles Black: Dreams Need Only Dedication to Fulfill

Now that Mother Nature gave a rest to an especially rainy spring, I can actually hear the birds singing and take big walks outside. It is glorious. So are Charles Black’s drawings.

Grizzly Roars by Charles Black

Charles started his website in 2007 to utilize his artistic abilities and earn some money by making customized pet portraits. He is a mostly self-taught artist. After finishing one semester as an art major, he realized it wasn’t for him and he had to achieve his dream on his own. Then he graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of North Dakota and started his career in wildlife management.

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He no longer makes custom portraits, but continues his work as a wildlife artist. Most of his creations are done with graphite, white acrylic and colored pencil. According to Charles, the key to drawing is patience. He always carefully examines and visualizes his subjects before getting to work. It seems to be working for him.

Lassie by Charles Black

Dog by Charles Black

Custom Pet Portraits by Charles Black

Black Dog by Charles Black

Flying Ducks by Charles Black

Birds in Wintertime by Charles Black

Beautiful Ducks by Charles Black

Peaceful Turkeys by Charles Black

Gray Cardinals by Charles Black

Squirrel by Charles Black

Tiger by Charles Black

Silver Wolf by Charles Black

Pictures by: Charles Black aka eye-doll-ick.

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