Deep Purple and Sea Blue: The Cutest Swimsuit and Bikini Ever!

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Since It’s been a teeny bit busy, I’m really looking forward to get out of the city so that I can sit my lazy ass down on a beautiful sandy beach. Don’t get me wrong, I am all into sightseeing, backpacking and discovering new things, but sometimes all you need is a sunny day, the sea, a fabulous swimsuit, a couple of colorful magazines (or an interesting book) and an entertaining person to talk to – while laying around all day long.

Yes, you heard me right. I said all day long. Of course girls will be girls. I admit that I like to look good, even after spending some time with my fishy friends in the deep blue. So I thought I should invest in some new beach stuff, and so I did. I bought an unusually good-looking swimsuit and a playfully decorated bikini top from Lingerie Please. My package arrived this week. You might have noticed that I don’t like to show off all those fancy things I have, but you have to take a look at these!

I like the halter neck of the swimsuit, because I can easily untie it while sunbathing. I was also pleased to see that the cleavage part is carefully padded and shaped so I don’t have to worry about my curves. And that floral pattern! That is a ridiculously good-looking floral pattern, my friends.

And don’t you love this cute bikini top? Thank to the sunlight reflecting sequins, you can use it to blind your enemy during a girl fight for the last portion of chocolate ice cream. Not bad, eh? Now the only thing left is to figure out where to go. Any advices?

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5 Responses to Deep Purple and Sea Blue: The Cutest Swimsuit and Bikini Ever!

  1. Awesome pictures on this blog. I’m lovin’ it!

  2. robert says:

    Why don’t you add Google Friend Connect on your wordpress blog? We can follow each other…

    • Petra says:

      I cannot use JavaScript on this blog, only HTML widgets work. I plan to upgrade to self-hosting in the future, so I will keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you!

  3. theumbrellabloggers says:

    I love love love both of these swimsuits! And I agree about how nice halters are. I always get swimsuits with detachable straps but halters are just so much easier.

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