Feeling chilly? Here’re some sweet little things to warm you up

Even though I don’t have too much free time nowadays I couldn’t resist spending a bunch of that on the page of Mici Szarvas, who is obviously a crafty Hungarian mother of three. I also felt the need to post about her adorable, 100% handmade plush dolls because I believe if we spread them around the world they can bring eternal inner piece to those who touch or even just see them. You have to admit that this idea is truly brilliant and absolutely realistic.


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Pictures by Mici Szarvas.

About Petra

Hi there! I am mostly into traditional fine (abstract) art and photography but like to experiment with all media. Please do not republish, edit or sell my works without my written permission. Nagy utazás | Egy magyar lány Törökországban For those who know Hungarian and interested in the expat life in the Middle-East. ArtCore Café | Petra's Treasure Box Besides posting my own works, I feature digital and traditional artists, performers, and write about fashion, music and movies. Check it out. Maybe you're already there.
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