Last updated in January 2016.

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Hello Stranger!

I am glad you dropped by. Please, stop frowning at the screen, relax your shoulders, and straighten your legs. You’re safe here. My name is Petra. I am a Hungarian girl, living in Turkey with my husband. I am into writing, arts, fashion and design. I have been the editor behind the ArtCore Café blog for many many years.

ArtCore Café is my creative outlet, kind of an inspirational site (or online gallery) filled with lots of high quality and creative articles, stories, pictures, and videos.

The posts are related to design, fashion, traditional, digital, and performance art. My primary goal is to fill up this blog with witty original writings, features about talented artists, tons of photos and videos of eye-catching creations, magical places, interesting events, and extraordinary collections.

The ArtCore Café also offers freebies: great Photoshop and awesome DIY tutorials, fancy wallpapers, textures, and amazing stock photos.

Beware! You may find music, short movies, trailers and other cool stuff, too. And I like to give away useful tips and tricks about decorating, blogging, and self-marketing. All these for free!

As a bonus, you can get a peek at some of the Artcore Café Portfolio pieces (traditional paintings and drawings, writings, web and graphic design, 3D etc.) and works in progress. If you are curious what I am up to, check out the blog news.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions via petra.bee@live.com.

Take a look around and have fun!