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Feeling chilly? Here’re some sweet little things to warm you up

Even though I don’t have too much free time nowadays I couldn’t resist spending a bunch of that on the page of Mici Szarvas, who is obviously a crafty Hungarian mother of three. I also felt the need to post … Continue reading

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A Little More Sugar: A Playful Afternoon with a Kitten

I hope you like your day sweet, because I have prepared something delicious for you. Here are a couple of photos of Sugar, the adorable Turkish Angora cat. How do you like them? Don’t worry; this blog won’t turn into … Continue reading

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Behind Bars: Photos of a Beautiful White Cat

This is my neighbor’s pretty cat called Şeker (means Sugar), taking a little nap on the window-ledge. She is a really beautiful 3 year-old Turkish Angora. Don’t get fooled by the big green eyes and flawless white fur. Despite her … Continue reading

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Viet-My Bui: Digital Art is Easy to Learn, but Hard to Master

Viet-My Bui a.k.a. Ravenskar is a self-taught artist from Melbourne, Australia. She is a commerce / laws student and has a part time job as a tutor in a primary school. Oh, and she also helps out in the family … Continue reading

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Charles Black: Dreams Need Only Dedication to Fulfill

Now that Mother Nature gave a rest to an especially rainy spring, I can actually hear the birds singing and take big walks outside. It is glorious. So are Charles Black’s drawings. Charles started his website in 2007 to utilize … Continue reading

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Where Art is Least Expected: Beautiful Lattes

Maybe there’s something wrong with me because I can see art everywhere! Even in places other people wouldn’t think to look. Like coffee cups… Don’t believe me? Here you go! But what is art anyways? What do we call art? … Continue reading

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Lovebirds: Free Photo Pack and Postcard For Valentines Day

I wrote the first version of this poem a couple of years ago. It brought me great luck back then, I really hope it can do the same for you. The following photos were shared by the Oregon State University … Continue reading

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