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Artcore Cafe Wallpaper Pack with Gold and Green Colors

I secretly hope that you’re at least a little bit attracted to vibrant bronze shades, organic green colors, thick golden brushstrokes and noisy textures. Because these are all featured in my new digital drawings (can be used as textures or … Continue reading

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Heavenly Creature: Photo Manipulations by Paulina

These photo manipulations are so beautifully delicate that it almost hurts. Now, since I am still just discovering this whole Photoshop thing, I have no exact idea of the kind of miraculous moves Paulina (a.k.a Impatienss) has used to create … Continue reading

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Walking on Sunshine: Nature Photos by Impatienss

Now that the leaves are starting to turn yellow and the light breeze is constantly overpowering the weakening sunshine, I really need just a little boost to successfully make it through the process of waking up early. A cup of … Continue reading

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Sweet Little Paintings: Wearable Art by Ananda Khalsa

Ananda Khalsa combines painting and jewelry making in a very original way. Her work is inspired by Asian art, natural forms and cultural symbols. She was born in 1976 in Tillson, New York (USA), and raised in Western Massachusetts. Her … Continue reading

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Free Artcore Café Wallpaper Pack with Pastel Colors

I had some time on my hand the other day, so I was messing around on the computer. The result is a softly colorful texture pack with brush strokes of different width, length and posture. The pictures are suitable for framing your photos, spicing … Continue reading

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