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Dressed for Fun: Lolita Outfits

The term Lolita is known as a “desirable young girl” in the western culture. It was introduced by Vladimir Nabokov in 1955. He wrote a novel (titled Lolita) about a grown man, who was obsessed with a twelve-year-old girl. For … Continue reading

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Top Hat DIY Tutorial by Edith Chartier

Edith is from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). She’s a gorgeous young girl who designs and sews awesome historical costumes (Medieval to Edwardian) and creates magnificent accessories. Wait, there’s more! She prepared a tutorial for making top hats. Isn’t it fabulous? Now, let’s get … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself: Mini Top Hat Tutorial

I would like to congratulate you, dear Natalie for getting married. Managing to be happy and find the love of your life is a kind of achievement which you can be proud of, really. Oh, and thank you for the … Continue reading

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Sexy Witches and the General: Digital Paintings by Andy

Since Halloween is at the corner, I must introduce you to Andy Jones (wildlifehoodoo) digital painter from North-Wales, United Kingdom. Ladies and gentleman, for your entertainment, here are the pieces of his Witchfinder General series. Witchfinder General is a British … Continue reading

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Illustrations by Joseph Bergin: Happy Owltober!

Joseph Bergin III is a claimed cartoonist from Las Vegas, United States. He has something for owls, which I totally appreciate. As a tribute to a great artist and a probably even greater subject, please take a look at his … Continue reading

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Fantasy Land – Where the Fairies Live: Photo Manipulations

Lilla Marton (Lillucyka) is a 23-year-old girl from Hungary. She is a self-taught graphic designer, started working with Photoshop in 2008. Today she is a freelance digital artist. Lillucyka creates dreams and fairy tales. Her imagination and fantasy world is very … Continue reading

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