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A Little More Sugar: A Playful Afternoon with a Kitten

I hope you like your day sweet, because I have prepared something delicious for you. Here are a couple of photos of Sugar, the adorable Turkish Angora cat. How do you like them? Don’t worry; this blog won’t turn into … Continue reading

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Behind Bars: Photos of a Beautiful White Cat

This is my neighbor’s pretty cat called Şeker (means Sugar), taking a little nap on the window-ledge. She is a really beautiful 3 year-old Turkish Angora. Don’t get fooled by the big green eyes and flawless white fur. Despite her … Continue reading

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Waterworld: Under the Surface with Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis was born in Moscow, Russia but she’s been living on a small island in the Bahamas with her husband and two children for over 10 years. She is deeply influenced by the Bahamian culture, people and nature. Elena … Continue reading

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Pretty and Peaceful Infrared Landscapes by Paula Cobleigh

Paula Cobleigh bought her first digital camera in 2005. Since then, she has studied photography, taken thousands of images, developed her style and invested in better equipment. Paula lives in Yakima, WA (USA) and many of her photos are from … Continue reading

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Beautiful Blogs: 365 Days with Mira and Thilda

“We’re so fairytale, it makes people sick.” I am in treat by Mira and Thilda Berglind’s beautiful photos. There are just so many things to look at: their fresh and pretty faces, their sensual style of clothing (combining vintage clotes … Continue reading

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Illustrations: On the Wheatfield with Katie Daisy

Katie Daisy is a wandering artist whose home is the prairie. She is originally from a small farm in Illinois and currently lives in a cloud-hidden country home, nestled somewhere between the Smoky Mountains and pure bliss. Possibly related Artcore … Continue reading

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Fantasy Land – Where the Fairies Live: Photo Manipulations

Lilla Marton (Lillucyka) is a 23-year-old girl from Hungary. She is a self-taught graphic designer, started working with Photoshop in 2008. Today she is a freelance digital artist. Lillucyka creates dreams and fairy tales. Her imagination and fantasy world is very … Continue reading

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