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May I have one more pair of tights, please?

There are a couple of things in this world that a woman cannot have enough of… like tights! Because even if you are not the girly type, you will eventually get to a point in your life when you have … Continue reading

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Draw Something Every Day 2011: Digital Paintings by Alice

Alice X. Zhang is a New York City (USA) based graphic designer and amateur illustrator. Her colorful online gallery is so much fun! It consist lots of fabulously painted Disney characters, creative Harry Potter and Twilight inspired pictures, and lots of … Continue reading

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Feast for the Eyes: Amazing Illustrations by Gina Wetzel

I like the dynamism, the earthy colors and the dramatic expressions of the following characters. These strong, yet feminine figures were designed and created by Gina Wetzel a.k.a. Tanuki Chan. Make sure you check out her gallery. Possibly related Artcore … Continue reading

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Random Thought: Inspired by the Portraits of Valentina Kallias

Follow my blog with BlogLovin! You know those people, who say: * life is hard so you’d better get used to it sooner than later * there are a lot of cruel people who are eager to crush you * … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself: Mini Top Hat Tutorial

I would like to congratulate you, dear Natalie for getting married. Managing to be happy and find the love of your life is a kind of achievement which you can be proud of, really. Oh, and thank you for the … Continue reading

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Monochrome Anime Wallpaper Collection

I don’t know about you, but I like to keep some black and white backgrounds around. The combination of those two somehow manages to be trendy forever. I like the drawn smudgy Calamitous Angel and the sour manga girl with … Continue reading

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Sexy Witches and the General: Digital Paintings by Andy

Since Halloween is at the corner, I must introduce you to Andy Jones (wildlifehoodoo) digital painter from North-Wales, United Kingdom. Ladies and gentleman, for your entertainment, here are the pieces of his Witchfinder General series. Witchfinder General is a British … Continue reading

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